Foods for Survival 
foodSurviving in Minecraft covers a lot of ground. Just as in the real world, if you do not eat, you will die. For the most part, finding good is not that hard. Eating raw meats and veggies can get you by, but there are some draw backs. Some foods can give you status effects, while others may hurt you. This guide should give you enough food for thought.

In order to really appreciate the food system, you should know there are two levels of hunger. Only the hunger level is visible. The saturation level is the other component. The saturation will deplete completely before the hunger meter moves. One way to tell it is depleted is by watching for the hunger meter to start shaking. You may never have more saturation level than hunger level, so if you are missing hunger, it is important to eat high hunger, low saturation food.

Golden foods
The golden foods are the highest in nutritional value. Nutritional value is calculated by the ratio of saturation to hunger points restored. The golden carrots and apples provide the highest rate of return. These foods are not cost effective though. Tier two gives you the most bang for your buck. The highest natural nutritional value occurring in the game is through cooked porkchops, restoring eight hunger and almost thirteen saturation.

When traveling or doing hard work, pork chops are the choice. However, if you are in combat and losing hearts, you may want to consider fast burn foods. Rabbit stew for instance gives you ten hunger. Golden apples offer regeneration and absorption buffs. On the flip side, you should avoid raw chicken and rotten flesh as they both have the ability to apply hunger. A few other foods also apply poison. All in all, these tips should make sure hunger is the last thing on your list.


Rare mob spawns
Mk2hzThe world of Minecraft is populated with a vast number of creatures. Inhabitants include anywhere from villagers trying to coexist, random animals, and monsters trying to eat your eyes for jujubes. By and large, you will see the same creatures over and over again, especially at night as they chase you. However, there are some rare spawns that add some flavor to the game.

Starting with the safe ones, tame animals are the least deadly form of mobs. Mooshrooms are a rare spawn that only exist on mushroom island biomes. Interestingly enough, if you milk a mooshroom with a bowl, it produces mushroom stew. These are not the only tame rare mobs, but the rest are crafted by the player. Snowmen and Iron golems can both be made. Lastly, if you rename a sheep _jeb it will give you a rainbow sheep.

The angry mob
Going from the mellow to the moody, several of the angry mobs in Minecraft have some interesting off spins. For instance, if a creeper has lightning strike nearby, it creates a charged creeper with a 50% increase in blast power. The undead also come with a fun array of rarities. Sometimes you can find a zombie in full diamond armor, other times you may see one galloping around on a chicken.

Rare mobs add a bit of flavor to the game. Whether it is the oddity like a skeleton riding a spider or one of the main baddies like the Wither, Minecraft keeps you on your toes. Most of the spawns have special characteristics. For instance, a zombie villager can be saved by using a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. Rare gems like these make for notable game play experience, so keep your eyes open.



Advanced Potions   
potionsPotions becoming increasingly important in Minecraft towards the end of the game. Of course, it will be later in the game before you can quickly or safely gather some of the materials required for potions. This guide will assume you have already gotten a brewing area set up and are ready to roll.   So grab your awkward potions, it is time to get busy.

The first types of potions you should carry on you are healing and regeneration. Their primary reagent is Glistening Melon and Ghast Tear respectfully. All healing potions should be upgraded with glowstone to restore four hearts instead of two. This potion is instant and invaluable in fights. Regeneration can either be extended to two minutes or upgraded to one heart every 1.2 seconds. The base potion heals one heart every 2.4 secodns for 22 seconds.

Swiftness is important
When heading into combat you can opt to use a potion of strength and a potion of swiftness. The basic strength will give you 130% damage boost for 3 minutes. Swiftness grants increased movement and sprinting speed by 20% for 3 Minutes. Both of these potions can be upgraded with redstone to increase the time up to 8 minutes or with glowstone dust to double the effect. Don’t forget, that you can add both to any of the above potions to add both double duration and double effect.

The other potions are meant to help you go places. Fire resistance should be used in the Nether to avoid fire, lava, and ranged blaze attacks. Water breathing can be used to get you safely inside the water temples. Night vision works for underwater and deep caves. Lastly, invisibility allows you to pass undetected. This quick guide to potions will allow you to build up a stock and be a Minecraft Boy scout, always prepared.


The Iron Golem
IrongolemHave you ever created a sprawling complex in Minecraft and want a guardian? You should make an Iron Golem, a 3 block high giant that can protect the homestead or any village it spawns in. In the wild you may see them in large villages. Here are a few helpful hints on getting your own Iron golem.

The first thing you will need to do is get set up for crafting your bodyguard. One golem will take thirty six iron ingots, crafted into four iron blocks, and one jack-o-lantern or pumpkin. Place on block as the base, a second on top of that, then two more to either side, like arms. You must place the pumpkin head last in order for it to spawn. Once the pumpkin is placed, it will animate and you will have your vine covered giant.

Health and strength
Iron Golems can be leashed and name tagged. This way they will hang around your compound. Each golem comes with one hundred health and anywhere from seven to twenty one strength. Any golem that you spawn should be tame to you. Any golems found in villages will be tame , unless you throw an ender eye at it or get a negative fifteen popularity in the village. You have been warned. The golem will attack any creature inside your compound walls that is hostile towards you.

These normally gentle giants are great for protecting the home front. Just make sure that you keep a fence around the compound as they like to wander aimlessly. The only creatures a golem will not attack is a wolf or creepers. Be cautioned because tame wolves may attack iron golems even if they are not hostile towards the player. With all that being said, happy crafting your gently body guards.

survivalgamesSurvival Games 
Are you a fan of Minecraft mini games? Many servers offer a type of game that is referred to as Survival Games. This is a play on the popular series called the Hunger Games. You and every competing member starts in a ring around a cornucopia with a vast terrain to explore, loot and combat in. Some are equipped with a shrinking boundary, forcing players together. Last person standing wins. Here are a few tips to make sure you are that last one standing.

Unless you are spectacular at PVP, the central area at the start is a dead zone. Grab what you can, if you can and go. Alternatively, turn and take off as soon as the buzzer sounds. Get a good distance from the pack and start looting. You will want to focus on finding a weapon and armor first. Do not forget to equip the armor as you find it. Keep mindful of any upgrades you find. A sword is the top melee choice, but a bow and arrows can slow advancing enemies.

Once you are equipped, you can either rush headlong into battle or pick off people in smaller fights. Either way can get you killed, but keeping mindful of your surroundings will make it less likely. If you can find a good hiding spot and a supply of arrows you can pick off people from a distance or if they try and attack you.

Conversely, try and sneak up on players. A few hits before they know what is going on will weaken them significantly. Potions, enchants, and food are going to be your friend as well. You will want to make sure you keep your health up. If you take damage, hide until you heal. You do not want to be an easy target for the next player. Follow these tips and you too can win as tribute.


Spelunking 101
spelunkingFor a game named Minecraft, you may have guessed you will be spending a large amount of time underground. Caving can be fun, dangerous, and exciting. However, if you go unprepared, you are more likely to feel the dangers and miss valuable resources. Here is a quick guide to ensure your mining is not only fun, but efficient.

Start by gathering up some resources. Scale your trips to what you need. If you are on your way to finding Iron and Coal, you will need much less gear than if you are hunting for diamonds. Regardless of scope, you will almost always need a sword, pickaxe, torches, a bucket of water, and of course food. Optional gear includes bow and arrows, a shovel, and anything else you want.

Torches are essential
The first tip is what to do about your lighting situation. Torches are essential when plumbing the depths of the earth. However, torches can take up a lot of inventory space. Alternatively, you can simply carry a stack of planks or sticks with you. This way you can make torches on the go without wasting valuable inventory space. One piece of coal and one stick will make four torches. This means one stack of each will make four stacks total. It saves inventory on those long treks.

The water bucket will be a handy tool. Not only can it eliminate lava, it can provide with a cheap elevator going down. Simply place your block at the top, wait a few seconds, pick your block up and ride the water fall on the way down. Try to carry multiple iron or diamond pick axes. This way if one breaks you can still keep going. These few tips will help keep you alive to dig deeper and cave longer. They will also make sure you use your space wisely. Good luck mining.


The End
TheEndDo you feel like you have beaten every challenge there is in Minecraft? Have you taken on the End and defeated the dragon? If not, there is a challenge for you. This quick guide will tell you how to get to the End and what you need to do when you arrive. Before you start your journey to the end, you will need twelve Eyes of Ender, created by crafting an Ender eye and blaze powder.

The first step on your journey is to locate the stronghold. Use an Eye of Ender and it will fly into the air. Follow the path until it drops to the ground. Repeat this process and eventually you will find the Stronghold. There is only one per game, so beware. It is advised to craft a few extra eyes in case you lose one. Once you fight your way through the fortress you will find the portal. Use the Eyes to fill each vacant spot to activate the End portal.

This is the point of no return. If you enter the portal, the only way out is to die, or defeat the ender dragon. The ender dragon will be flying around, casually waiting to gobble you up. Not to mention the army of Endermen waiting for you to make eye contact with them. In order to defeat the dragon, you will first need to destroy the ender crystals on the obsidian pedestals. Without destroying them, they will automatically heal any damage done.

This is not an easy fight. Once the crystals are down, use your trusty bow to take down the dragon. Make sure you stock up on food, potions, and equipment in order to take down the beast. Once defeated, you will find a return portal and a dragon egg. Congratulations, you have defeated the End and are rewarded with the credits.


Taming the Stallion
tamingWalking or running anywhere in Minecraft can be a hassle. Horses make great modes of transportation, but can be quite ornery.   Here is a quick how to guide on taming horses and what you need to know. The first step is to gather your equipment. You will need a saddle or at least a leash. It is recommended that you also have a name tag so it does not despawn. Optionally, you can use horse armor, or for donkeys, a chest.

All horses have different health, jump height, and max speed.   These statistics are useful for determining which horse is going to be yours. Thirty is the max health and the max speed is almost fifteen blocks per second. Each horse has stats that are determine at birth or spawn. Knowing this, you may want to test out a few members of the herd before deciding on one.

Once you have found your horse it is time to tame it. Approach the horse while holding nothing and click the use button. You will find yourself riding the horse. It may buck you off at first, but keep at it. Eventually, you will see hearts around the head and you will know it is tamed. In order to control a tamed horse you will need the leash or saddle.

Horses are amazing for covering ground quickly. They will automatically run up or down one block height changes. They can also move up to three times faster than you. PETA may not come after you, but you can hurt the horse. If this happens, feed them with a hay bale, carrot, sugar or even a golden carrot. Treat your horse well and it will be a loyal companion through your adventure. Just make sure you watch your head while riding.


Nether Fortress


If you have braved the Nether in Minecraft, you know it is a dark and spooky place. While being more dangerous as a whole than the over world, the nether denizens are fairly tame until you hit a Nether Fortress. When you find these obscenely large creations be prepared for a fight and danger around every corner.   Here are some quick tips to get your out in one piece.

First you need to know what you are getting yourself into. The Nether fortresses are home to Wither skeletons and Blazes.   Zombie Pigmen and Magma Cubes can also spawn here. No matter what you do, do not attack Pigmen, it is a death sentence as every Pigmen in the Nether will turn hostile. Blaze can be fairly easy once you learn the attack pattern. They will fire three bolts of fire in quick succession, then rest. Take that rest as an opportunity to skewer them.

Wither skeletons offer a different challenge. These skeletons are more aggressive than their over world counterparts, have more health, and apply a wither effect on hit. These are by far the most dangerous denizens, especially in a group or combined with Blazes. Make sure you bring plenty of supplies. Keep in mind that most Nether Fortresses will have Blaze spawners in their towers.

The rewards for going through a fortress include scores of Nether Wart, spawn loot and the occasional chest full of rare goodies. If you are running low on torches, bring a flint and steel with a stack of netherrack. Once lit, it will burn forever. This will provide you with plenty of light and extra inventory for those difficult encounters. Nether fortresses can offer a daunting challenge to anyone. As long as you keep on your toes and know your enemies, you should be fine to loot to your hearts content.


Survival Maps
survivalSurvival in Minecraft can get boring if you never have a challenge. Some people get tired of the same zombies and creepers attacking them night after night. To answer the call of a challenge, several users have dedicated themselves to making survival maps. These maps are dedicated to enhancing what it means to survive in Minecraft. Looking for this challenge? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

The best part about maps is that they expand on an already great survival system. Instead of placing you in a random world you are faced with a scenario. The beautiful part is that the maps are made by real people and are designed with the intent to kill you. Talk about a challenge. Remember, it does not always have to be a zombie or creature attacking you. Survival is all about making sure your health and hunger is always intact.

Another fantastic point to survival maps is that most offer a story line, plot twist or questing. Were you stranded on a deserted island? Crashed in the middle of a desert or behind enemy lines? The power of maps is that you get to build an immersive story that holds the interest longer than mindlessly killing every creeper that you see. To increase the challenge, some maps do not include armor, weapons, food or anything to help you out.

No matter what your game style is, there is a survival map for you. Are you up for the challenge? Most of these maps are free to download. Just download from the browser and located your Minecraft save games folder. Simply copy the save file into the folder. Reload your single player list and the new map should be available for you. Try as many as you like, you can always download another one.

If you are playing late game survival or factions in Minecraft, chances are you have seen at least one potion. Potions can be very valuable and make the difference between life and death. Here are some of the basics for creating your own potions. The first thing you are going to need is a brewing stand, a cauldron, glass bottles and water.

At this point it may be wise to invest in a nether wart farm on soul sand. Brewing nether wart with water bottles will create an awkward potion, the basis for most potions you will need. Brewing an awkward potion with a secondary ingredient will create a particular effect. For instance, you can use sugar for a speed boost, blaze powder for strength, or glistening melon for health.

With these basics down you can move onto creating better potions. Redstone is used to increase the duration, and glowstone creates more potency. Lastly, using gunpowder will give the potion a splash effect. That can be very useful for offensive potions like poison or weakness. One last ingredient to keep an eye out for is fermented spider eye. Brewing this with a potion will normally reverse the effect. For instance if you have a potion of healing it will turn into a potion of harming. So instead of healing for three, you will do three hearts of damage.

Potions can be a superb tool when it comes to combat. Instantly heal yourself, increase your speed, or reverse it and poison and slow your enemies. Potions are a worthy investment late in the game, or at any point on a pvp server. They are not cheap to make and can use some obscure materials. With these basics you should be able to get your homebrewing set up and churning out potions in no time.

Exploration Tools of the trade
Starting a survival game of Minecraft tosses you into a random location with nothing but your skills and rugged good looks. Building up a tool collection takes a bit of time and dedication. As you go along, you can grab upgrades. Once you build a homestead it is time to start exploring the world. Here are some things to take along on your trip into the wilderness.

explorationThe sword, Axe, and Pickax are going to be your best friends. With them you can attack and gather most resources. If you are going cave diving, the axe can stay home. Make sure you bring a bucket with water in case you hit some lava. Carry an ample supply of torches and a stack of sticks and coal in case you need more. If you are expecting combat, a bow with arrows is a great way to defend yourself from a distance.

Speaking of defense, armor can save you in a pinch. Iron armor is the most cost effective armor, stronger than gold and leather and a lot cheaper than diamond. It will protect you from most of the bad guys. You can also grab a saddle and horse armor if you want to take a horse for a spin. If you are not used to the cords system, take a map and compass along with you, in case you get lost.

Carrying these tools will make your life a lot easier. Alternative items to carry include potions, flint and steel, or clippers. They are not essential, but have good uses. The last thing you need to make sure you are carrying with you at all times is food. When you are preparing to go out into the vast world of Minecraft, being prepared is the only way to survive.

Surviving the Nether
Your homestead is rockin, your tool shed is iron and you even have a diamond pickax and sword. What now? Minecraft offers a huge range of gameplay styles. If you are getting tired of hacking up zombies, it is time to gather your wits and head into the nether. The nether offers several new resources and opens up potion brewing, materials, and a pathway to the End.

netherFirst, we need to get there. Take your diamond pickax and find some obsidian. You will need at least 10, arranged in a portal shape that covers a 2×3 grid. Light it with flint and steel and head into the purple portal into the nether. This red world filled with the gruesome denizens and rivers of magma is definitely not the cozy home you left behind.

The first thing you should think about is the enemies of the realm. Pigmen are the most common, and the least threatening. At least they are until provoked. If you attack one Pigman, the rest will come after you, so avoid conflict. Ghasts are by far the most annoying enemies. They are giant floating octopus type creatures that hurl exploding chunks of rock at you.

Aside from the main terrain, you can find Nether Castles. These host creatures like the blaze, magma cubes, and wither skeletons. These castles contain several chests, nether wart mushrooms, and lots of great building materials. Make sure you are well equipped though, these areas are fairly hostile.

The Nether is a great place to rack up glowstone, nether quartz, and a ton of other new materials. However, it can also be a fairly dangerous place. Keep your head about you and your sword handy and you should do just fine. Just make sure you avoid falling into lava. That is never a good ending.

Surviving in Minecraft
What would you do if you woke up in the middle of a forest with nothing on you? Well the first step is to break down that tree with your fist. Welcome to the world of Minecraft, survival style. This game is about your will to live and crush the zombie hordes, but not with your fist. Here is a quick guide to not dying in your first day.

Breaking that tree will give you wood. Find some stone and break it. Congrats you have the makings of your first tools. Tools will exponentially increase your odds of surviving. Craft your pickaxe and a sword and start finding some iron. Make sure you watch for the night, build shelter and feed yourself. The night can be a terrible enemy if you are not prepared. That is where the sword comes in handy.

Getting a good collection? Build a homestead, plant a farm, and make yourself some armor. There is no limit to what you can do with a few sticks, iron and the will to kill anything that moves. Have you lived for a few days? Time to take it to the next level, find some diamonds and explore the nether. The nether is a kin to hades, with rivers of lava and an army of pigmen who are docile until you swing at one.

Congratulations, you are dominating the virtual world of Minecraft. Up the ante by seeking out the ender dragon or trying hardcore style, where you only get one shot. Just make sure you avoid the lava or you will lose all of that loot you have worked so hard for. Surviving in Minecraft can be exhilarating and frustrating. Just hope that your sword with sharpness two can outlast the night and keep you alive for another day.