Minigame Servers




Have you grown bored of the everyday survival of Minecraft? There are tons of servers out there that offer a variety of play styles. One of the best time killers is a mini game server.   Mini games are just what they seem, they do not take long, they are sometimes mindless, and they are fun. Try out a variety of servers to find some of the games you really enjoy.

Most servers offer a variety of types of games that fall into these categories: Arcade, Champions, Classic, and Survival. Most of those are self-explanatory. Arcade games are Minecraft twists on classics like snake, running games, or death matches. Champions is any type of pvp that scales to team based death zones with or without objectives. Theses often come with the ability to create classes that boost PVP into a fun twist.

Classic games offer some fun twists to the Minecraft gameplay. This includes games like Hide and Seek, Pictionary, or even first person shooters. These games normally take a little longer than other mini games. Survival games are exactly as the name implies. You are pitted against the other players in an attempt to be the last person standing. Are you up for the challenge? The best part is, new games are always being created.

These are not the only games available out there, there are hundreds of different servers to try. The best thing about these servers is that you can play with friends, collect rewards and play for hours without getting bored. It is just enough of a game to tease you into playing more. Some servers also offer down time fun like parkour and soccer. Convinced yet? Get out there and join a server, play some mini games and collect some gems.

PVP Tips











Have you joined a pvp server in Minecraft and constantly die? PVP is more than just jumping around and slashing at someone hoping they fall down first. If you are tired of dying, check out these tips to make you a deadly combatant on the battlefield. The first step is to make sure you are in the best gear you can be in. Diamonds are your best friend, but Iron is a lot cheaper and infinitely more abundant.

If you were in a swordfight, you would not continually move in a straight line. Straffing is your bread and butter, without it your armor will do nothing to help you. Straffing is a simple act of holding W and either S or D to move left or right. The benefit is that you will be moving forward and at an angle allowing you to move around your opponent. Add jumping or moving in a circle to this motion will give you an edge over a stationary opponent.

The next thing you need to know is how to fight. Swinging a sword is your basic attack, by principle, the more you attack the more you will hit. Try to click at least times per second, you can do this by making your scroll wheel an attack key as well, then just click back and forth. Alternatively, you can left click then right click. This will make your sword dance between attack and defend, making you lose health a lot slower.

With those mechanics out of the way, using potions and enchants will give you the final edge. A sword with sharpness or flame will add to your damage per second whereas protection enchants will decrease the damage you take. Potions will allow you to move faster, instantly increase your health and boost damage. Follow these tips and you will be slaying in no time.

Parkour Challenge 
Minecraft offers a variety of fun ways to enjoy the game. Some servers offer parkour courses as a way to blow off steam in between rounds of PVP or mini games. If you are unfamiliar with the term, think of assassin’s creed. Your character will run through a course designed to trip you up and fall to your doom. Well maybe not doom, but you will have to go back to the beginning.

Are you intrigued yet? Parkour is designed to be a challenge and each course comes with its own rewards. Most rewards will be server specific currency or rare items. Are you ready to begin? The trick to this is to position your hand where you can hold down CTRL and W at the same time while still pressing S and D. Did you just get carpel tunnel? If that is too tough, you can always rebind your running key.

Part of Parkour is memorizing the course and the sequence of jumping. Study the jumps before you start, if possible, this will allow you to know where to go and when to jump. Jumps are irregularly spaced on purpose, you will not always need to jump on the very edge of the surface. The goal is to trip you up and make you fall, so look before you leap.

The last skill to focus on is your hand eye coordination and your processing skill. Most parkour courses are set up where you cannot stop and analyze where to go next. That would be cheating in a sense. You may find yourself jumping to your doom if you do not know what is coming. If you are still having problems with this portion, you can practice until you memorize the jumps and keep on trucking. Good luck and have fun.

Faction Building
Faction games in Minecraft can be downright ruthless. Most factions will create a home base of operations for their members to have a safe haven. Unfortunately, players continually hunt for those bases and try to take them out. After all, why work hard when you can steal from someone else. Building a base requires a new mindset, here are some tips on getting a solid base up and running in a factions game.

If you are just starting out, you need to pick a base location. Out in the open is no good, so either build a sky base or an underground base with no entrances. Once you find a base, clear out a space for storage. Place several chests to create a storage system, this way if you die, you do not have to start from scratch. Also create an ender chest for your valuables, this way nobody else can steal your good stuff.

Once you have storage, it is time to generate income. Start by creating a dedicated area for farming. Sugarcane, wheat, and cactus are great cash crops to work on. If you create a large farm all of your members can work on it together and never have to worry about over lapping. Once you raise enough money you can purchase mob spawners that will allow you to generate rare materials, food and experience. This is your first goal as a faction.

Congrats, you have an operational base. The last step is to put up defenses. One classic example is to surround your entire base with a double wall filled with water. Obsidian is another really useful material for defense, but it takes a long time to mine and can be really expensive. These few tips should be enough to get you on your feet and on your way to a profitable faction.

Faction Servers 
If you have gotten bored with the classic playstyle of Minecraft, it is time to check out a game of Factions. There are hundreds of Factions servers, but most operate on a few basic principles. If you are ready to take bait and get into a competitive world, here is a small guide to getting set up in factions.

The first thing you should know is that you will be in a pvp environment. That means once you are in wild zones you are free game. Sound scary? If you are travelling abroad or going through pvp zones, make sure to dump any valuables into your Enders chest. Starting out you will be going up against players with high level enchants and diamond gear.

A faction is a group of people that set up a home base. Finding a good faction can be difficult, but once you are in, you will have access to a lot of resources. Most Faction servers use a currency system to buy and sell various resources. Working with others gives you a foot in the door to the high level gear. Plus, doing pvp with several people increases your chance of survival.

Some servers are also void of mobs, except for the purchase of spawners. These spawners will produce a mob and allow you to kill it for xp and materials. They can be expensive so you may need to find ways to earn cash first. Good things to sell are crops and basic material blocks. They can be your bread and butter for the first part of the game. Once you are established, have a faction and a home base, it is time to get out there and do some raiding. After all, it is a pvp server, what better way to get resources than to take from others.