Resource Packs


Five Great Resource Packs
Resource packs are just one way to customize the world of Minecraft. Resource packs put a different skin on existing blocks, making them appear differently in game. They are also incredibly easy to switch out. Just place the resource pack in the folder and switch it out under the game menu. Here are five great resource packs to grab, each one offers a unique style of play.

Have you ever wanted to play a futuristic Minecraft? Well look no further, Aeon offers a time hop for your world. This is a highly recommended map for those who are into sci-fi more than fantasy. So get busy building your home of tomorrow.

Gravycraft is one of the many resource packs that enhances the graphics of the game. This resource pack is designed to make the gameplay prettier and provide sharper images. It also goes great with shader mods that add deeper realism to the game.

Faithful 32X32
There is nothing wrong with the graphics in Minecraft. However, it does get a little blocky. Faithful is a nice texture pack because it keeps all of the basic graphics for each item, but it makes it more high def. Since it has more pixels, it creates a smoother overall look.

QTPie’s Cheerful Pack
You may think, what? Why? This texture pack offers a vibrant set of colors and cartoony type effects. This makes it a good pack for 8 bit art, Minecraft movies, or for children. Aside from the artistic effects, the paintings have been update.

AD Reforged
This pack is for those RPG enthusiasts in the crowd. This set up comes with items, architecture and skins that exudes fantasy. This is a great texture map for building a castle, medieval town, or creating a dungeon crawl for your friends.

The Value of Resource Packs











The world of Minecraft offers you unlimited potential for gameplay. Whether you like to play survival and build your homestead against the hordes of zombies or play creative for the power to build a world, Minecraft has something for everyone. One thing that may turn players away is the stylized graphics. In a world of ever increasing graphical power, Minecraft does not go over the top. That is where resource packs come into play.

Resource packs are used to enhance the gameplay of Minecraft. What other game allows you to change your entire graphics package in the middle of the game? The sheer versatility is enough to make people want to explore the infinite possibilities. The best thing about getting resource packs is that most of them are free. Simply find a pack that you like, download it, and put it into your folder. Then under settings you can change to any one of them.

Some of you may think, big deal, you can make a block look like a different block. Well, if you are in creative mode, you can play with those blocks until you find the right combination for your monument. It may add a better feel or flow to your survival game. They can also be used to enhance crafted maps.   Some downloaded maps request you download personal resource packs to make the game feel better.

No matter what you use resource packs for, they add value to your game play experience. Some help to make the graphics more high end, others are made to emulate other game worlds. This feature goes to show how creative Minecraft can be.   If you want to build a spaceship or rebuild some of your favorite game maps, resource packs are there to help you.