High Ranked Mods
ModspopularHere is a rapid-fire list of mods that are high-ranked amongst gamers.

Optifine – Are you on a lower end laptop or computer? This mod is a great addition to making the game run smoother. Not only will it reduce system load, but boost the graphics and frame rate.

Thaumcraft – Explore a vast addition to the world of Minecraft that brings in magic. This mod allows you to make spells, build magic tools, create golems and much more.

Tinker’s Construct – Add a compendium of tools to your disposal. This mod creates high end tools that are modular and can be made from several different materials.

Thermal Expansion 4 – Tired of running around in the iron age? Welcome to the industrial age. TE4 gives you options to generate power. The mod works great with several others to give a new dynamic to the game.

Jabba – Jabba is useful when you use other mods in tandem. Enegistic mods require tons of resources. This mod will give you a very easy way to store everything.

Mysticraft – Bored with the same world you have been crawling around for months in? Mysticraft transports you to random worlds filled with wonders. Check it out to see everything it has to offer.

Project Red – Love the idea of redstone, but hate the tedium that comes with it? Project Red offers several tools to help mitigate the space and confusion that can come with redstone builds.

Bibliocraft – From humble beginnings, this mod allows you to build better furniture, desks, bookshelves and other items to give your homestead a homier feeling.

Natura – This one adds to the world itself, adding new trees and other flora. This means new crops to play with, different woods to build with, and a few other surprises.

JourneyMap – This mod makes the Minecraft map actually useful. Journey gives you a map you build in game time, allows waypoints, and even gives you a minimap.


Mods, mods, mods
mods2Minecraft is a wonderful standalone game that offers a ton of replay value and ways to enjoy the game.   You can choose to play by yourself in creative or survival. You can also play with your friends in servers. However, if you are bored with these options, there are a vast world of mods out there to enhance your gameplay experience. This article will focus on mods that create more content for the game or offer a different play style.

Adding content to the game is a fun way to expand on a great baseline. For instance, Extra Utilities adds several blocks to the game focusing around building, ease of use, and even an angel block for starting a building anywhere. Some mods like Inventory Pets or Chococraft add new mobs to the game to add interesting bonuses. There are also mods like Harvestcraft and Dessertcraft that add new food items and recipes to the game.

Progressive Automation
If you enjoy playing Minecraft but despise the grinding, check out Progressive Automation. This mod changes gameplay by compressing complex automation techniques into single blocks. Imagine being able to have cobblestone, wood or food gathered for you automatically, leaving you to do what you want.   Want a true game changer? Try Wtichery, a mod that gives you the ability to choose a class complete with spell and abilities.

Mods can make Minecraft a lot of fun. These few examples change the game significantly. There are a great many more mods to browse through and try out. Other mods to check out include improvements on the default settings or tools to help you do things faster. Remember, the process of modding Minecraft is easier with Minecraft Forge, but play it safe and back up your worlds before checking them out.


Mighty Mods
Are you tired of digging up every single block by hand? Would you like more out of your Minecraft? Mods are a wonderful way to enhance your gameplay for any game, and Minecraft is no exception. What mods should you get? Well, that depends on how you want to play and what you want to do. Mods exist to modify the wonderful world around you and come in all shapes and sizes.











Some mods build on the existing world and allow you to work with things easier. Others allow you to customize the GUI, build quicker, or even automate some processes. There are also mods that add new content into the game, be it alterations to some blocks and how they work, or new animals. There are thousands of mods online that allow you to do so much more with Minecraft.

In fact, some mods come as modpacks. These packs not only build content into the world, but create a new gameplay experience. Imagine playing through Minecraft and doing quests? Minecraft is a nearly limitless potential to some players, and modpacks exist to give direction and purpose to the player. Whether you take on a quest to save the world or build a new world in your image. Modpacks offer a huge value to the Minecraft community.

The process is fairly straight forward. Download and install Minecraft Forge. Then download any mod that looks like you would enjoy it and add the files to the new Mod folder in your Appdata. Those are the essentials to unlocking the potential of Minecraft Mods. There are literally thousands of mods, so do your research and find ones that speak to your game style. Remember, the goal is to enhance your gameplay. Mods are a great addition to Minecraft, you can choose which ones to go after.

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