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How to move faster
transportationMinecraft is a vast and expansive world. One can spend literally hours exploring the land and seas, searching for that spot to call home. In your travels you may see amazingly rare biomes, twisted terrain, and every type of creature. Sadly, the quest on foot can be tedious at best. Fortunately, there is a ton of ways to increase your speed and how fast you can travel. Here is a short guide on how to go the distance.

Walking can get boring. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around that saves your feet. On land, there are animals you can ride including horse, mule, donkey, and pig. The only requirement for these is to tame and have a saddle. The pig also requires a carrot on a stick. Saddles can also be equipped with chests. In the water you can use a boat of sailing.

Be resourceful
Modes of transportation can be unreliable though. If you are the loner type, potions of swiftness can increase your movement and sprint speed by up to forty percent. Really need to get somewhere? Keep a stack of ender pearls with you and throw them in front of you. This allows you to teleport quickly over distances, as long as your stash remains.

If you will be moving between two places a lot, you could consider putting a high speed track for mine carts. Or if you are resourceful there are several “cheats” for moving fast. For instance, if you create a two lane road of ice, using cobblestone bumpers with trapdoors, and place glass two blocks up, you can reportedly move twice as fast as a mine cart. However, that takes a lot of time to set up with no real guarantee. It is safe to stick with the tried and true methods as you get around the world.


Wither Tactics – Terrain
Wither2The world of Minecraft is plagued by only two real bosses, the Wither and the Ender Dragon. The Wither is encountered by creating a T out of soul sand and putting a wither skull on top of each of the three blocks. Caution though, this is not an easy fight and can go south quickly if you go unprepared. Here are a few tactics to take into consideration when going toe to toe with the Wither.

The first factor you should consider in facing the Wither is location. Any non-undead mobs will draw agro from the boss. This can be both good and bad for you. Having that in mind, each attack by a Wither is the equivalent of a Ghast blast. That means when free to roam, the Wither can and will tear up your world. The good news is, the blast does not break blocks with a blast resistance above 20.

The Wither also has about a one percent chance of shooting a blue skull from the main head attack. This attack is devastating because it treats all blocks as if they have a blast resistance of 4. The only blocks unaffected by this are bedrock and end portal blocks. Most of your stone blocks will have at least a 25/30. This means you can effectively build an arena to house the fight. Doing so will allow you to build in barriers that you can dodge behind.

Fighting the Wither in open terrain means a lot of maneuvering. Planning an arena and a tactic are as simple as building a round arena with several standing stones for you to move behind. Yes these will be destroyed as blue skulls are shot, but cobblestone is cheap and effective for quick building. If all else fails though, summon the Wither near bedrock and have fun.

Ender Dragon Tactics – Ender Crystals
EndercrystalsThe Ender Dragon is the intimidating boss of Minecraft. Taking down the dragon is no small feat. It takes a lot of preparation and knowing the tactics to bring down the beast. Unfortunately, if you step through the End portal, the only way out is to die or defeat the dragon. A series of articles will cover the tactics needed to best the beast. The starting point will cover the Ender Crystals themselves.

Fighting the dragon without destroying the crystals is a fool’s errand. If the dragon is within thirty blocks from any crystal, it will start to heal him for one heart every half second. The good news is, if you destroy an ender crystal while the dragon is healing from it, the explosion will deal ten damage. That means that your first phase of taking down the boss is to destroy all of the crystals.

Detonating crystals
The good news is any kind of attack is enough to detonate one. Yes, you read that right, detonate. Any crystal that is hit will explode, so be careful if you are up close. The bad news is, most of them are high atop obsidian towers.   This means you will need to come into the End with a few things. A bow and a stack of arrows can help eliminate most of the crystals. You will also want a number of ender pearls.

The easiest method to destroying all of the crystals is to play ender pearl parkour. Throw your ender pearls towards adjacent towers and stick the landing. Some crystals may be behind iron blocks, so prepare accordingly. With these handy tools and a bit of patience you should have no trouble taking out the string of crystals. It should also be mentioned that while you are leaping from tower to tower, the dragon will be attacking you. Good luck!

Story Mode    
Minecraft has offered a vast world of diversity and gameplay for several years. One arena that Mojang has not covered is the narrative aspect of what Minecraft can be. Of course, there are several maps, servers, and user content created to add storyline to the ever expanding Minecraft universe. Telltale Games has partnered up to bring a new area of exploration for Minecraft, one with a definitive and linear story line.

Some people might find this alarming. It is definitely a take away from the expanse of Minecraft into a very narrow field. However, Story Mode is designed that way, to create more of a RPG type feel to the game. The gameplay feels like an interactive show where you control fun characters. In fact the characters arguably make the game fun. The first installment has just been launched.

The first episode
The first episode, one of five, will be called The Order of the Stone. Start off as Jesse and their friends on their way to Endercon. They discover something terribly wrong with the world. The world itself brings Minecraft to life and will show classic locations and monsters. However, the feel and attitude seems more modern featuring some great comedic values. The game is mostly aimed at family audiences, so do not expect anything overly violent or crass.

Overall, Story Mode has a lot to offer that is off the beaten path. The unfortunate part about the game is that it is not licensed by Mojang and therefore around five dollars an episode or twenty five for the season. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell. Telltale has some wonderful games under the belt including the Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands. Pick up your copy and tell us what you think.

Making Music
musicIf you have run out of things to do in Minecraft, why not try composing a symphony. If you have an ear for music, a large chunk of time and nearly infinite resources, then here is the challenge. The note blocks are extremely underrated and can be a lot of fun. To make one, simple put a redstone in the center and surround it with any type of material. Here is a small guide on what you can do with those note blocks.

A note block will play a music note every time it is hit or powered with redstone. Using the note block will increase the pitch a half step for up to two full octaves per instrument.   When making the note block, wood will give you bass guitar. Sand or gravel produces snare drum. Glass equals clicks and sticks. Stone is the base drum and any other material will give you a piano or harp.

Note blocks
Once you have the note block set up, simple power it or hit it. Keep in mind that any note block must have one open space above it to play the music note. Now the fun part begins. You can create a series of note blocks that receive power to make tunes. Using redstone repeaters and switches allows you to play different notes at different intervals. A note will play each time it is powered on.

Those are the basics of it. The next step is to go gather your instruments and get to work. You can call on the power of the full orchestra, wind, strings, and of course percussion. Keep in mind, making music is no small feat and can take a lot of time setting up even a simple chord with redstone. With enough time and practice though, you can become the next Mozart.

Sail the Seas
ship3Getting stuck in the middle of the ocean on a fresh game can be one of the most infuriating parts of starting a new world. Traveling in the water in Minecraft is slow going if you do not have a boat. Sometimes even if you have a boat you get caught in the middle of nowhere with no way to get back to home base. Here are a few tips for taking to the high seas in Minecraft.

The most fortunate part about boating is that they are super easy to make even when starting off. In fact, if you have access to one tree you should have enough to make planks to build a crafting table and a boat. A boat is crafted by making a U-shape of planks in the crafting table. It is recommended to make at least two or three before you start your voyage.

Boats are fragile
The reason being is that boats are extremely fragile. When you climb into your boat, use the W key to move forward and the S key to slow down. You control your direction by looking. If you change the direction you are looking the boat will shift to match. It is very important to keep those controls in mind because sometimes the simplest bump can cause your boat to wreck. Be cautious when approaching the shore or even when around squid.

Boating is a great way to get around, especially if you have chosen to have your home base near the sea. Once you are safely on dry land make sure to break the boat and carry it with you. Breaking is different than wrecking. Breaking will give you a fresh boat for next time where as wrecking will cause it to pop in a flurry of sticks and plants. Follow these tips and you will be ready for a bon voyage.

The Art of Fishing
fishingAre you tired of having a stressful day in Minecraft? Time to take a load off and enjoy some rest and relaxation at the fishing hole. Which fishing hole? Almost anywhere there is water, including streams, shallow ponds, manmade ponds or the ocean. Embark on your fishing expedition for some exciting loot such as enchanted books, leather boots and sometimes even real fish. Here is what you need to know to become the next Ray Scott.

If you have never attempted fishing, you may need to start by crafting a fishing rod. Simply put three sticks in a diagonal pattern with two strings in the lower portion. These rods can even be enchanted with Lure, Luck of the Sea, and Unbreaking. With rod in hand, find a source of water. That will be the easiest part of your journey. Once you cast, watch the bobber closely for small splashes. Once the fish bites you have a half second to right click and reel in your catch.

Your chances of catching a fish
When using a basic rod, you have about a 85% chance of a fish, 10% for junk, and 5% for treasure. Enchants and the weather can play on those percentages. The best rod will put the junk percentage into the fishing percentage. The main reason to fish, aside from hours of entertainment, is for the pufferfish, a rare ingredient for making potions. Fishing also provides an easy source of food.

On the flip side, you never know what you may pull from the deep. Some of the junk items you may encounter are boots, rotten flesh or even bones.   On the treasure table you may find rare enchanted books, saddles and even name tags. You may also receive an enchanted bow or fishing rod. Fishing definitely has a use in the game, especially if you aim to explore an underwater temple. Get out there and become a master angler.

Automatic Spawn Farming


Farming in some Minecraft servers can be a pain. Specifically, when you are on a factions server where there are no mobs. You will need to rely on spawners to get most of your mob materials, such as food, string, bones, and leather. Here are a few tricks to set up an AFK farm for monster spawners. For this example, a pig spawner will be used, but any type can be used with a similar tactic.

The first thing you need to gather is the spawner itself and a hopper. These are the critical components, but you will also need a lava block, piston, pressure plate, and a chest. When you set up the pig farm, you need to realize how the spawner works. Each spawn has a different spawn source block, for pigs, this is grass. If you have grass blocks covering the area around the spawner, the pig will spawn anywhere in that area. If you have one grass block, the pigs will only spawn there.

Set the grass block up with a pressure plate. Link the pressure plate to a piston via redstone. The end goal is that when the pig spawns, it pushes the pig off of the pressure plate. Push the pig into a shaft. Build the shaft long enough so that the pig dies on impact. Alternatively, have a single lava block that the pig will pass through. This will kill the pig and cook the meat for you.

At the bottom of the shaft have a hopper and a chest. Congratulations, with this simple technique you now have a spawner that will generate a pig, push the pig to its death and automatically collect the meat for you. If you have a few of these set up, you can run Minecraft in the background and accumulate tons of resources. Happy farming.

Automatic Farming 
If you are playing Minecraft, at some point you are going to need food. Creating a farm is quite easy and only takes a little space. However, who wants to spend time gathering sugarcane? Certain aspects of farming can be automated with a few simple tools. This article will give you two easy examples of automatic farming for sugarcane and eggs.

Sugarcane is very valuable. It can be used for potions, crafting, and making books. If you are playing factions, it can also be a renewable, easy resource for farming. For this you will need a few pieces of equipment. A basic sugarcane farm needs dirt next to water and a sugarcane placed in the ground. It will automatically grow over time.

The first step is to create a piston and a block detector. The piston will go on the second block high next to the sugarcane, the block detector above that. The principle is that when the sugar cane grows to three, the piston will activate and break the block. If you want to go fancy, have it push into a water source that leads to a hopper and chest. Then relax, you no longer have to worry about farming it.

Eggs are even easier to automate. Put down a chest, a hopper on top of that, and a piece of carpet above that. Surround the carpet with fence and put your chickens on the carpet. Now you capture eggs automatically, just don’t let PETA find out. There are a ton of methods out there to automate all of your farming needs. Some can be quite complex, others not so much. Regardless of what method you use, automatic farming lets you free up your valuable time to pursue other tasks around the homestead.

Superflat vs Random
Creative mode in Minecraft can offer hours of entertainment. Between getting the right colors and blocks or resource packs, you can build almost anything. Did you know you can choose what kind of world you go into? A superflat world is pretty much what it says it is, really, really flat. Random worlds are generated just like survival worlds. So which is the best to play on?

randomThe answer actually depends on you. Both have pros and cons and really depend on what you intend to create. Superflat is a great choice if you are wanting to build something from scratch. For instance, if you want to build a city layout, or a custom map for your friends to go through, these are excellent starting points for superflat. These maps are also amazing for bitmap artwork, as you will not have to contend with hills and valleys.

If you will have to do a lot of terraforming, it may be easier to find a good spot in a random world. Random worlds have an edge over superflat in several ways. They randomly generate biomes, terrain and resources. If you are wanting to build a town that follows the lay of the land, it may add more character to be in a random generated world. Remember, without mods, you will have to lay every single cube in superflat.

When it all boils down, both types of maps have their benefits. You can create amazing things in either world. The catch really depends on what you want to do with your time and energy. Whichever you choose, get out there, create, make mistakes and have a great time building. Whether you prefer superflat or random generated, the power of creation is yours.



Combat Tips at Night
Minecraft has a pretty solid day and night cycle, 10 minutes each. Invariably, you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to survive at night. Night time offers a great challenge or danger for players. If you are not prepared, dig a hole or make a shelter and wait out the night. For those of you who are ready to jump in the fray, here are some combat tips at night.

combattipsFirst you need to decide on your tactic, dodge or defend. If you plan on dodging, you need to keep on the move. Kill then move on. If you are going to defend, build yourself a circle of torches, this will slow the spawn rate and allow you enough light to see what is coming into the circle. Either tactic will work well. Dodge is best on plains or deserts where you have wide open areas and can see what is coming in the moonlight.

Know your weapons and armor. At very least carry an iron sword, all iron armor, and bow and arrows. A diamond sword is better, especially if you can get good enchants to cover it. Make sure you are in good condition, nothing is worse than having your sword break while you are taking on the denizens of the night. If you prefer ranged, make sure you have stockpile of arrows.

The last thing to look out for is your enemies. Endermen are the most deadly and should be your main priority. Constantly move so other enemies don’t surround you. Witches and Creepers are both deadly, try taking them out with arrows. Skeletons are ranged and quite annoying. Zombies and spiders are the least of your worries. With this guide and a good sword, you should have no trouble making it through the night.

The Power of Creation    
MCcreativeTired of those creepers destroying your hard work? Playing Minecraft in survival mode can be frustrating, especially if you are a creative type that likes to build a homestead. It is time to give creative mode a try. The same world, same monsters, but no hassle. Creative mode is about you realizing your dreams of a block laden world. A place where your imagination can run free and the sky is the limit.

Pick something you would like to build, be it a monument, a recreation from your life, or remaking a fantasy world in block form. Creative mode comes with the ability to fly, so you can find your perfect spot or biome to build. Once you have an idea, lay out blocks and play with texture packs. Find something that truly speaks to your creativity and build your vision.

Creative mode allows you to place blocks and destroy blocks in a single stroke. The ability to fly makes for quick block placement, even in hard to reach areas. The internet is awash with the minds and creations of hundreds of hours of Minecraft. Check out some of the best creations for inspiration or build straight from your mind. With resource packs you can build anything from a recreation of Minith Tiras to the Empire State Building.

Creative mode is a game that allows freedom of creation without the hindrance of having to mine each block and fend off hordes of monsters. You can create your world from scratch, choosing to have a superflat world or just finding a great starting location. You can create a symphony or build a castle in the sky. Creative mode truly lives up to its name and offers a game play style that few other games can truly rival.