Construction Tips


Advanced Enchanting
advancedenchantingThat library you have in your Minecraft house is a very handy tool later in the game. However, you may not be using it to the fullest potential. Enchanted weapons and armors are essential for survival, especially if you plan on taking down the Wither or the Ender Dragon. Make sure you have the U-shaped library and your enchanting table, and at least thirty levels, because here is a guide to maximizing your returns on enchanting.

In order to get the best enchants, you need to be at least level 30. To maximize your level output, you should enchant at level 31 every time. If you start enchanting at 31, you have at least one shot to reset the enchant table. The reason you want to do it at 31 is because of the amount of experience it takes to get from 31 to 32. It is more expensive than going from 29 to 30.

Book Enchants
If you do not like the options, go ahead and enchant a level 1 book for one level. It gives you a reset and potential a decent book enchant. Book enchants are nice because you can add them to an item or combine them later. In order to combine enchantments they have to be she same level. For instance, taking two enchants sharpness II will yield one sharpness III. Priest villagers will also provide books for emeralds.

One last note to mention. When enchanting a weapon you can only have one damage enchant. These include bane, sharpness, and smite. The same goes for armors and protections. Also any other tool cannot have silk touch and fortune.   The first enchant you need to get is fortune on a pick ax, this will give you more diamonds. These advanced tips will help get you to a better enchanting level and ultimately better gear.

The Anvil
anvilOne of the more obscure tools in Minecraft is the anvil. It has some amazing uses, but it is rather expensive to make in the beginning of the game.   In order to make one, you will need to place three iron blocks across the top row of a crafting table, three iron ingots across the bottom and another in the center. Therefore, for a cost of thirty one iron you can have some of these great uses from the anvil.

The primary uses of the anvil include repairing, enchanting and renaming items. Each function will cost some amount of experience levels so keep that in mind. Repairing items can be done with either two of the same item or with crafting materials such as iron and diamonds. Keep in mind, one item will be sacrificed and any enchants could be lost. However, there is also a chance the enchantment will be added to the repaired item.

Rename you game
Renaming is a fun way to customize your game. You can rename any item at the cost of one level plus any prior work, so rename first. You can also rename name tags in order to label different mobs. You can also use the anvil to use enchanting books on items. Alternatively you can combine two books to make a stronger enchant book. As you can see there are some great utilities, but they all cost levels and materials so beware.

If you are on a pvp server, anvils come with one other use. They can damage anything with fall damage. Several items will be destroyed by falling anvils. They also do one heart of damager per block they fall up to a maximum of twenty hearts. So if you are looking for a fun trap, try squishing people with an anvil. Some items just need a bit of creativity to reach their full potential.

Fun with Fireworks
fireworksOne of the most underrated fun activity in Minecraft is to play with fireworks. If you hunt creepers for fun, you probably have a huge stockpile of gunpowder. Gunpowder itself has only a few limited uses in the game, why not use it to make a fun pastime. There are literally trillions of different fireworks you can make in Minecraft all following a simple rubric. Here is your guide to creating the best display in Minecraft.

There are two primary components you need, the star and the rocket. The star is the biggest decisive measure for the type of firework. To make one, you combine one gunpowder and one dye. You can choose up to eight different colors. You can also add a gold nugget, feather, firecharge, diamond or glowstone to add different effects. For instance, the gold nugget will cause a star shaped explosion. The Diamond will add a trail effect. Additionally, you can take the firework star and combine it with a second dye to add a fade to that color.

The rocket
The second component is the rocket. Place a piece of paper in the center, up to three gunpowders across the bottom and up to five firework stars. The amount of gunpowder you use will dictate how far the rocket will travel. The stars will all burst at the same time if more than one is used. These rockets can be used by hitting use on a block or launched with a dispenser. Once used, the rocket will fly vertically with a random direction spread of up to five blocks.

There you have it, all you need to know to make a firework. Add a few dispensers, some redstone, repeaters, switches, and several hundred fireworks and you have the beginnings of a beautiful show. So get out there and make the best show Minecraft has to offer.

All the Seeds 
seedsHave you ever created a Minecraft world and been floored by the epic landscape? You can actually share those beautiful creations with other players or download amazing worlds that others have found. This is through a little thing called a seed. You simply plant it in your world creator and zoom you have a full-fledged world. Check out this article for all you need to know about seeds and how to use them.

Using a seed is a very simple matter. Open up Minecraft and go to create new world. Under more options you will notice a box at the top. Simply enter the seed number into this box and hit create. That really is it. To create a seed, simply type /seed into your console to generate the number. Poof, you are done. Now you can share that number with the world on various websites dedicated to world seeds.

Anything you desire
Seeds can contain anything you desire and come from any version of Minecraft. Most websites will give you a version listing so you can quickly find the ones based on the game you are playing. Then you have a listing to choose from. Some seeds offer great starting locations with tons of diamonds nearby. Others may have really rare biomes or spawns right out of the gate. Seeds can contain any number of awesome things for you to play around with.

One of the best things about seeds is their sharability. There are hundreds of websites floating around out there dedicated to bringing you the best seeds. If you are tired of having to hunt and peck for diamonds, there are seeds for that. Want to see the elusive mooshroom, there are seeds for that. If you are ever bored with the random generated worlds and want a fresh challenge, pop into a vetted seed and see for yourself.

Enchanting Tips
enchantingAre you tried of spending so much time mining in Minecraft? Did you finally find diamonds and get one measly diamond for your hard work? Hark, there is a solution. Enchanting is one of the best aspects of the game for becoming powerful. In fact, most of the end game content or even later game monsters will be deadly without enchants. Here are a few tips to get started and get geared.

First you are going to need quite a few materials. Four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds and a book will make the enchanting table. You will also need fifteen bookshelves made of six planks and three books each. Once you have all of this crafted, place your enchanting table. Exactly two spots away from the table, start a U-shape of books two high.   If done correctly you should see white runes floating through the air to the table.

Take the next step
Congrats, now when you go to enchant you should notice level thirty enchants available to you. The next step is to get to level thirty by whatever means necessary. A single enchant at level thirty will cost three levels. Create a set of gold gear to keep as dummy stock for enchanting and a large amount of Lapis Lazuli on hand. Before you enchant, place a gold item in the slot. This will set the available enchants. Then replace that gold piece with the diamond or iron piece to enchant.

Gold items have the highest enchant value, but are extremely low durability. Mouse over the selection, it will guarantee at least that enchant. To reset the selection, just enchant something using the lowest level setting. Keep in mind swords can only have one damage buff and armor can only have one protection buff. After all of that, you should be able to enchant with the best of them.

Master Builders
masterbuildersIf you enjoy the mini games of Minecraft and building, Master Builders is a perfect mini game for you. This game is featured on Mineplex server, but is available in many forms elsewhere. The game is fairly simple, you and other players match off in creativity. You are given five minutes to build whatever the topic is. At the end, you take turns giving each creation a rating. Whoever gets the most votes, wins the match.

Here are a few tips to help give you an edge in Master Builders, or any mini game that requires quick creativity and dexterous building. The first thing you need to know and learn are the materials. Wool and clay can come in a variety of colors and give different textures. In the same token, resource blocks like gold, diamond, iron, and emerald can give beautiful stylish effects to your creation.

Listen for the buzzer
Once the buzzer rings you will know your topic. Once you have an idea of what you want, go ahead and open up your inventory. You will want to focus on getting the biggest part of the design done first. Pick out the starter materials that you need and get to work. This style will allow you to cover distance, and create large designs in a short amount of time. Then as you get closer to the time, you can go back and put in appropriate details.

If you are building 3D, make sure you build hollow. If the other players cannot see it, do not make more work for yourself. If you have a solid design and time left, make sure to add some awesome particle effects, change the time or weather and even the terrain. These simple tips and tricks will have you building with the masters in no time. Remember, with all things, practice makes perfect.

Strip Mining made Easy
Do you need some diamonds in a hurry? In Minecraft, diamonds are one of the most elusive resources in the game. This is partially due to where they spawn. It can be difficult to find caves that go down far enough to get to the right depth. The solution is simple, allows you to mine at your leisure, and returns an amazing amount of resources. The answer is strip mining. Here is a quick guide on stripping, the miner’s way.

Do not worry, Minecraft does not have an environmental protection agency, so feel free to go and do as you please. Before you begin, gather a few stacks of ladders and torches, several iron pick axes and two buckets of water. Pick a spot you want your mine shaft to be and start digging down. It is very important to straddle two blocks, and alternate on the way down. This way you do not accidentally fall to your doom in a big cave or into lava.

Once you dig down to block level eleven, you are good to go. Make sure you place ladders and torches on your way down. At the bottom of the shaft, dig out two last blocks and fill with water. Now you can jump from the top and land in the pool for no fall damage. Now let’s get to mining. Start by digging a single block trench in any direction. This trench can be two blocks high on eleven and twelve respectfully.

Go as far as you want with that single shaft, then return to the beginning. Next you will choose a direction and mine to the left or right of the shaft.   Again, go as far as you want, then turn and mine five blocks. Turn back towards the central shaft and head back. This technique will offer you a ton of resources for stone and most any resources. This is by far the quickest way to find Diamonds.


Light the Beacon











Are you looking for a late game challenge in Minecraft? Take up the task of lighting a beacon. Beacons are a unique block that provides not only a pleasing beam of light shooting into the sky, but a player buff if you are nearby. As an added bonus, you can change the color of the beam by placing a colored glass block in the beam of light.

The first thing you need to do is build your beacon. The recipe is fairly straight forward. You will need five glass blocks, three obsidian and an elusive nether star. The bottom row will be obsidian, the top row will be glass, and the middle row will be glass, star, glass. The only component that is difficult to get in survival mode is the nether star. The nether star is only obtained by killing a Wither, which in and of itself is a process.

Beacon resources
In order to light the beacon you will need some resources. The resources can be iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks or diamond blocks. You are probably thinking, wow this isn’t cheap. You are correct, considering that you will be building in a diamond formation. That means for a level 1 you only need 9 blocks, but a level 2 requires 34. They will be built in layers that resemble a pyramid, so level 1 is a 3×3 grid, level two is a 5×5, then 7×7 and 9×9.

Once you have the beacon lit you can choose the bonus by using the beacon with a resource block mentioned above. The five primary benefits are speed, haste, resistance, jump boost, and strength. If you have a level 4 pyramid, it will also provide a regeneration bonus. This benefit will extend in a square range from the beacon depending on the size. It may not be cheap, but lighting a beacon is a definite challenge.

Intro to Command Blocks
commandblocksIf you enjoy building your own maps and scenarios in Minecraft, the command block is going to be your friend. Be warned, the command blocks are only available in survival mode if you cheat, so do not try and craft one. A command block is somewhat self-explanatory, you can type in a command, power it with redstone, and give it a trigger.

Once you have laid down your command block , right click or activate it to bring up the command block user interface. Keep in mind, you will need a power source for your command block, this can include an adjacent power component, powered block or powered redstone dust. If you cannot tell, command blocks are very versatile.

Moving on to commands. Most server based commands like ban, debug, kick, pardon, etc cannot be entered into command blocks. Most other commands will work. So, what do you do with them? Well if you are building a map or telling a story, a pressure plate could activate a command block to display part of the story. You could also make the command block give a character an item. If you want to really get into it, there are item generators and a ton of high powered commands available online to do all sorts of fun things.

Whether you are wanting to create a home security system, a teleporter, or an automatic cookie generator, command blocks are extremely useful. These blocks are essential tools when it comes to building your own maps and scenarios. Make it rain and turn night time automatically, give your players a sword to defend themselves. The command blocks can be used to do pretty much anything and everything you need to. All it takes is a little imagination and know how.

The World of Minecraft
Hyperscale Minecraft 3
Starting a game of Minecraft plops you into a random terrain surrounded by the vast world. With enough time you could walk to the ends of the world, but that would take a very long time. However, you would see some pretty cool things. Here are a few sights to keep your eyes peeled for in the world of Minecraft.

Starting off, keep your eyes peeled for some rare biomes. Biomes are the geographical data for each area. Some cool ones to watch out for include the ice plain spikes, with giant icicles sprouting from the earth, the mega taiga with giant tress, and mushroom forests, filled with giant mushrooms. These biomes are rare and offer some fun exploration.

If you are interested in exploring the darkest reaches of the game. There are a number of places to find underground. These range from the simple abandoned mineshafts and dungeons to nether castles to the stronghold. There is only one stronghold in each game, and that leads to the End. Nether castles are fairly hard to come by, as they exist only in the nether and are well guarded.

Still looking for adventure? Try clearing out one of each temple in the game. Take your pick between the desert, jungle and water temples. The desert and jungle tunnels often contain traps. The water temple is normally guarded by Guardians who shoot laser beams at you. This is arguably one of the most difficult challenges in the game.

The world of Minecraft is vast and expansive. The random generation of elements adds a lot of flavor to the game. If you still haven’t sated that thirst for adventure try your hand at going through the End. No matter the gameplay you choose, there is always something to see and do in the world of Minecraft.

Setting up your own Minecraft Server
Minecraft is a great game to play, and even more fun with friends. Perhaps you are tired of braving the frontier on your lonesome and want to bring a buddy. Setting up your own server can allow other people to join your game. Keep in mind though that opening up your computer poses a security risk. If you are not familiar with computers, this may not be something you want to try.

To start, you can either use the software that Mojang offers for free, or you can get your server hosted. There are some great hosting sites out there. If you are going to run it on your computer, here are a few recommendations. First, hosting can use a lot of resources, especially the more you put into it. Make sure your computer can handle the load. Second, if you want a server running all the time, you will need it open all the time.

If you are okay with the security risks and have the technical capabilities to run the software, the first step is to install the latest version of Java. Create a dedicated folder on your hard drive for the server, as it will create several support files for itself. Then download the .jar file and put it in its place. Open the EULA file in notepad and change the value from FALSE to TRUE signifying you have read the terms.

Once you have everything installed it is time to start it up. Change the .Jar title to the world name and open up your server properties file. Here you can change most of the parameters of the world, difficulty, game play type, and the world type. Congrats, you are set up. Add your verified users and have fun playing with all of your friends.

Introduction Redstone
While plunging the depths of a Minecraft cave looking for the elusive diamond, you may have come across redstone. Redstone is an ambiguous tool in the Minecraft world. It is probably the most versatile tool with as many uses as you can think of. Here is a short guide to what redstone can do and some of its many uses.

redstoneRedstone can be used to increase the duration of some potions, craft several items such as the clock or compass, and carry an electrical charge. In fact, many of the items you can craft with redstone are then powered by redstone powder that can travel along any block surface except for glass. Without a repeater, the current will travel for fifteen blocks.

It is nice to know, but what can you do with this? Well anything that you have seen in Minecraft videos that is automated is done via redstone. Some of the crafted items, including daylight sensors, powered mine tracks, and pistons, can be used in combinations to do a variety of tasks. This is the science behind automatic farms, creating roller coasters, or conducting a symphony.

Sound pretty amazing? The power of redstone can do a lot. If you are not a fan of glowstone or torches, try a red glowstone made from redstone and glowstone. Want to open your gate when it is daytime, and close it at night, use a daylight sensor and pressure plate. The limit is all in how you build it, remember the fifteen block rule and that charge only goes up.

This is just a small intro into the world of redstone. You can move the light in a lighthouse, make a disappearing staircase, or even build a TNT cannon. If you are struggling to come up with creative ideas, check out the internet. There are a lot of great examples for the power of redstone.

Creative Construction

CreativeConstructionHave you ever tried building something in Minecraft and get frustrated when it does not work out? Construction can be overwhelming once you get past the basic four wall structures. Some of the most difficult construction types include curved walls, roofing systems, and stair wells. Here is a few tips to help you get creative in construction.

Creating curved structures can be difficult. It becomes easier the bigger the curve gets. Start by creating a base wall, adding two bricks in a row, then move over one and up one creating a caddy corner. Follow this process all the way around to make a curved shape. So a simple curve could follow one, two, one, two, one in a curved pattern, or two, two, one, two, two.

Roofing systems can also be very tricky, especially if your roof covers multiple layers or an odd shaped building. Generally, stairs create great roofs, adding the sloped effect. Alternatively, you could use a combination of blocks and slabs to create a much smaller slope. When hitting corners, build a diagonal up the crease so the stairs will connect and turn automatically, all the way up the wall.

Have you ever tried building a stair well? Building a tower, lighthouse, castle or whatever that has stairs in a tight space can be hard. If you do not plan properly, you will end up with a super high roof between floors. Try not to have your stairs go up more than six blocks between floors. This will ensure the overall building looks proportional.

Building can be a tricky business. However, with some planning and laying out, you can create amazing structures with ease. Construction in Minecraft can often mimic real world architecture. If you are having problems overcoming a design, do some research and see how other people have handled it. Happy building.

Construction Tips

MCtipsDoes your creativity know no bounds? Do you like building in Minecraft, but run into trouble for one reason or another? Minecraft is a game that offers the use the ability to build whatever they want, as long as you use blocks to do it with. Construction can often be frustrating if certain parts of your building do not come together. Here are a few tips to get you into building.

Have a plan
Any great building starts with an idea. Spend some time researching, sketching, or making a rough floor plan in the game before you start building.

The structure
Think of how big, how long, and how tall you want the building. If you are going for a super structure, think of each floor as its own layout.

Layout blocks
Find a texture pack that you like and layout test blocks. This will give you a variety of materials to work with for details and how it looks overall.

A proper place
There is nothing as frustrating as not having enough room to build. Terraforming can eat up a lot of time if you are not careful.

Torches and glowstone are easy to work with, but if you want electricity it will add another element to the building look, inside and out.

Form and function
Get an idea of what you want each part of the building to be, a library, a kitchen, a movie theater? Planning can save you hours of rework time

These are just a few tips to help you get started in Minecraft. Construction boils down to being creative and planning how to use the space you have. Creating the idea in your mind can save you frustration of having to tear down and start over. Follow these tips and your buildings will be better.