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Shields guide 1.9
The biggest 1.9 update is the dual wielding, two-hand system. The update has been coined the Combat update and boasts some great additions to the way you fight. One exciting addition is a shield. The shield will take over the block function the sword currently holds. Here is the low down  on what the shield will be able to do.

The shield will give you the block command, but be a little bit more protective than the sword was. For instance, you can block arrows with the potential to make them ricochet. If you time your block correctly, you have a chance to knock your opponent back. Be aware though, if you are attacked with an axe your shield may be disabled for five seconds.

Shields and banners
While the technical details are awesome, the shield offers some fun innovation to the game. Once you craft a shield, you will be able to combine it with a banner. This banner can be any of the banners you make in Minecraft. In essence, you can create your own battle standard. This has fun implications if you are a fan of faction servers or PVP in general. Be warned, you can only apply a banner once. Make sure it is your choice or you may have to make another shield.

Currently, shields do not come with any native enchantments. However, through books, you can still apply unbreaking, thorns, or protection. They can also only be repaired at the anvil. Either way you cut it, shields will make a fun addition to the Minecraft gameplay. The function in the game is already mostly there. However, the implications for multiplayer offer an exciting new way to interact with your team.


Mob Changes 1.9
While adding a ton of content, there have been quite a few changes to the native scene as well. This update is known as the combat edition. As you might expect, mobs will have a few changes to add a bit more challenge to the game. This included generic improved AI, being able to avoid fire or cacti, and maintaining their AI through hits.

One of the most exciting changes is that there is no longer a mob mentality for AI. Mobs will fight each other if they are provoked or accidently hit each other. They also have reduced detection if you are wearing a mob head, allowing you to sneak through areas better. Skeletons are getting the biggest update of the common mobs. They will no longer hide in sunlight if they are wearing a helmet. They will also move away or closer to targets for better advantage.

Mobs and water
Most mobs will now seek water if they are set on fire. They will also avoid water while being led by a player holding food. Endermen will also avoid water, but even when they make contact, will hold agro. Several mobs will see additional skins and small changes that do not necessarily affect gameplay or combat tactics.

A fun new addition is the skeletal horse. Lightning will strike the horse, turning it into a skeleton. A skeleton will spawn riding it that is immune for three seconds. Three additional skeletal horses and riders will appear. Yes, you read that right. You can potentially find the four horsemen of the Minecraft apocalypse if you look hard enough. Just make sure to send them back to the fiery depths from whence they came.


Fun foods for 1.9
FoodPlusModAre you tried of eating baked potatoes and mutton? Minecraft has a fairly extensive menu, but some of the crafted foods are tedious to make. Your range of free range meats and fruits are limited to what you can find in the wild. The 1.9 update is bringing a few new foods to the table in the form of beetroot and chorus fruit. Here is what you need to know about these two items for the next update.

Beetroots are going to be the new farming food. Eating one will only provide one hunger. You can combine six of them together with a bowl to make a bowl of beetroot soup. That appetizing dish restores six hunger. Beetroots can be found in villages just like carrots and potatoes.   Beet roots will also be able to craft rose red dye.

Chorus Fruit
The other exciting addition is Chorus fruit. These fruits are found in the End along the outer islands. If eaten they will restore four hunger. They also come with a fun benefit of teleportation, just like an enderman. If you put the fruit in a furnace it creates a “popped” version. The popped chorus fruit currently is used to create Purpur blocks and the End Rods. End rods will be an alternative to torches and supply decorative light.

There you have it, the new foods to add to the smorgasbord of Minecraft. The beetroot is admittedly not anything to write home about. They are about as exciting as beets… wait a minute. Anyways, the Chorus fruit does add value to the game, being both utility and decorative. As far as food goes, these are the only changes scheduled for the 1.9 update. But hey, if you love the color purple, have we got a product for you!

Potions Guide 1.9
theendportalThe heavily anticipated update 1.9 to Minecraft comes with an immense amount of changes for the system. Most of the changes are centric to combat, potion brewing being a part of that. Minecraft 1.9 will offer a few exciting changes to potions as well as adding a few. The biggest change will be the addition of a lingering potion. The lingering potion will create an area of effect spell on the ground. Here are a few other exciting changes to potion crafting.

Potions will have a lot of utility coming up, so brush up on your brewing. You will be able to craft them with arrows to make tipped arrows. The addition of water splash potions will make you a firefighter. If you want, you can even give yourself a boost of luck, Irish style. These new potions will add some value to the gameplay.

Blaze power
Other changes are not quite as beneficial. It is worth noting that you will need to have blaze powder on hand to brew your potions. The rate is one power per twenty ingredients. You will no longer be able to add glowstone or redstone to increase extended or tier II potions. Regeneration and poison durations have been reduced. While these reductions make the potions less over powered, the combat system is better balanced.

A few positives do come from it. Strength potions will add a static three damage as opposed to a relative thirty percent of base damage. Also, the potion of weakness has been buffed from a quarter of a heart reduction to two heart reduction. The last potion note of worth is the increased speed when shot from a dispenser. That will make traps a lot more viable for combat. With the addition of lingering effects, potions are getting some great updates.

The Elytra
Elytra-Dragon-Fly-Wings-1Minecraft has a limited number of transportation. Horses for land, boats by sea, and mine carts for those who are bored. The new update offers an exciting new mode of transportation in the form of the Elytra. Essentially, this wing suit will allow you to glide through the air to cover a lot of territory.  To use the wing suit, you need to equip it in the chest slot and jump from at least four blocks high.

The wing suit will glide at the rate of ten blocks horizontally for every block fallen at the constant rate of zero degrees’ pitch. Be warned, angling your pitch can give you a small updraft, but can also cause you to stall. While wearing the suit you will not take fall damage unless you are stalled or in a nose dive. It may even be possible to trick the system into a huge flight time by changing your angle up and down slightly.

The unbreakable enchant
Initially, the only enchant for the Elytra is the unbreakable enchant. This applies like normal and allows you to stay in the air longer. Without the enchant you can expect just over seven minutes of flight time. For those of you who are knew to flight, you will take damage if you crash into things. Crashing into a wall or a tree is a quick way to learn what not to do.

Are you excited to take to the air? Unfortunately, starting out, Elytra will only be found in The End. There will be at least one pair in each end ship and as potential drops in chests within end cities. You can repair them using the crafting table, but as of now, no recipe exists to make your own. This exciting addition will add a lot of dynamic to the game play, or at least a funny death message.


Playing with Projectiles 
projectiles3Minecraft has traditionally offered a fairly straightforward combat system. With the new 1.9 just around the corner, combat is getting an overhaul. For ranged weapon enthusiasts, this will be some good news. Up until now, the bow and arrow were your only options. For the tricky fighters, potions can be thrown, but somewhat ineffectively. Here is a guide to the new projectiles coming to the latest upgrade.

You may not be charging into battle with a submachine gun, or even a crossbow for that matter. The bow is still the only projectile weapon, but you will have the option of choosing your arrow type. In 1.9 you will have basic, spectral and tipped arrows to choose from.   Any status effect can be applied to an arrow by crafting the arrow with a potion. The spectral arrow will add the glowing effect for ten seconds, making the target visible through walls.

Potions getting an upgrade
Potions are also getting a slight upgrade. Hitting a mob with a harming potion can be difficult at times. The new Dragon’s Breath can be combined with splash potions to create lingering potions. These potions will leave an area of effect when thrown. This means any mob who walks through the patch will get the effect. There will also be an addition of a water splash potion. These potions will extinguish fires, and be useful in Wither fights.

While combat will remain mostly hand to hand, the addition of these projectiles adds a new level of tactics to the gameplay. This is even more so for pvp servers. Team tactics will now be able to have healers, snipers, and a number of new ways to interact with each other. The most exciting portion of these additions will be the changes to the battlefield in faction’s servers. Tossing a lingering potion into a raiding party, making the enemies glow from an arrow, or healing your allies with potions will be great additions.


1.9 Meet the Shulker 
shulker2Minecraft 1.9 offers the addition of one new mob. This new mob is called a shulker, short for a shell lurker. If that does not sound ominous enough, wait until you read about it. The End is getting a huge revamp in 1.9, including the addition of End Cities. These cities are home to the shulkers and can be found on the walls and grounds inside the city.

While the name may sound cute, these little beasts can cause a few problems to the unwary adventurer. The only clue you may have before being ambushed is the small idle animation where the shulker will peak out of its shell. That’s right, these creatures appear as normal purple blocks until you get close. You can even stand on them when closed. Also while closed, the shulker has the equivalent of 20 armor point and immunity to arrows.

Look out for the attack
The most dangerous thing about the shulker is the attack. They lob a tracking projectile that follows you. Upon successful attack, you will take four damage and get the levitate effect for ten seconds. That is enough time for you to float away. The problem with this is that you may take fall damage as well on your return trip to earth. If this wasn’t bad enough, the creature has a 25% chance to teleport when being hit, starting the process over.

Shulkers will add a dangerous element of gameplay to the end cities. However, the good news is they are quite vulnerable when they are attacking. To make matters easier, their projectiles can be attacked and destroyed. Their range is also 16 blocks. Since the shulker is mostly immobile, they may not pose a huge threat if you keep moving. So keep in mind, when venturing into the end, keep your eyes open for these mobs.


1.9 Status Effects
StatuseffectsThe latest and greatest Minecraft version has received a lot of hype over the last year. The Combat upgrade brings a huge amount of changes to the game that touch almost every component. Status effects have been more of end game tactics up until this release. With a combat upgrade, these effects will be more viable early on and offer greater potential. This article will review the updates to the status effects.

The biggest change seen to the existing set up is that effects will now been shown as icons in the top right hand corner. When you receive a buff it will appear on the top row, while a debuff will be shown on the bottom. The effects will be listed by time of infliction and will blink as they start to run out. If you get a health boost it will show how many extra hearts you obtain.

Changes to Effects
As far as changes to the actual effects. The nausea effect will now be cured by drinking milk. There are also three new statuses you can come across. Glowing will outline any creature struck with a glow. This glow persists through walls and will change color depending on team or hostility. Levitation will make the player float high into the air. Be careful with this one as it can kill you from fall damage.

The last addition is luck, in the form of good or bad luck. This status effect changes the luck attribute by plus or minus one. The luck attribute will be added to the loot tables. Essentially, good luck will increase rare loot drop and reduce the chances of negative quality items. Bad luck does the opposite. These new status effects will add a few new dynamics to the game, especially in the realm of pvp.


Ender Dragon Tactics – Ender Crystals
EndercrystalsThe Ender Dragon is the intimidating boss of Minecraft. Taking down the dragon is no small feat. It takes a lot of preparation and knowing the tactics to bring down the beast. Unfortunately, if you step through the End portal, the only way out is to die or defeat the dragon. This miniseries will cover the tactics needed to best the beast. The starting point will cover the Ender Crystals themselves.

Fighting the dragon without destroying the crystals is a fool’s errand. If the dragon is within thirty blocks from any crystal, it will start to heal him for one heart every half second. The good news is, if you destroy an ender crystal while the dragon is healing from it, the explosion will deal ten damage. That means that your first phase of taking down the boss is to destroy all of the crystals.

Detonating crystals
The good news is any kind of attack is enough to detonate one. Yes, you read that right, detonate. Any crystal that is hit will explode, so be careful if you are up close. The bad news is, most of them are high atop obsidian towers.   This means you will need to come into the End with a few things. A bow and a stack of arrows can help eliminate most of the crystals. You will also want a number of ender pearls.

The easiest method to destroying all of the crystals is to play ender pearl parkour. Throw your ender pearls towards adjacent towers and stick the landing. Some crystals may be behind iron blocks, so prepare accordingly. With these handy tools and a bit of patience you should have no trouble taking out the string of crystals. It should also be mentioned that while you are leaping from tower to tower, the dragon will be attacking you. Good luck!

The End of 1.9
the endMinecraft has an expansive world that you can play for hours without ever seeing the End. In fact, some players may avoid the End simply because the dragon fight takes a lot of resources. In Minecraft 1.9, Mojang has added a ton of content to the End. This may be partially due to the fact that the End does not offer much currently. Check out this introduction to The End 1.9.

After victoriously slaying the Ender Dragon you triumphantly return to what? Exactly, you get to go back to your epic buildings with a sense of accomplishment and some end credits. While that is good, it does not give players a lot of incentive. Mojang has responded by giving you an entire area to explore after defeating the dragon. This means new materials, new mobs, special blocks, and loot.

Time to explore
Once you take down the dragon you are free to explore. The main island will offer an archipelago of other smaller islands. In your exploration you may come across the End City or End ships. Both features will contain the new Shulkers mob. They are also home to purpur blocks, chorus plants, and end blocks. Don’t forget some of the epic loot you can find, including the new mode of transportation, a glider. You can also grab your very own dragon head.

The end cities themselves will loosely resemble Japanese style pagodas, but can also be created in a sprawling complex like Nether Castles. Either way, the loot and promise new materials means you can go further and build more creations. Minecraft 1.9 is going to be a huge update. The End is going to be one of many exciting changes coming up. Until then, try and find the perfect spot to hang your dragon head from.

Dual Wielding in 1.9
duelweildingMinecraft has a staple mechanic of the one hand pick axe breaking blocks. That image is about to change with the release of 1.9. Mojang is hard at work creating a dual wielding system that will change some of the most basic fundamentals of the game. The player will now have control over the dominant and off-hand, interchangeable with the F key. Here are some of the things you should know before the update is released.

The ability to use both hands will add a lot of great game mechanics. For instance, a sword and shield can be used in combat now. Although it does not have to be a shield, it can easily be a potion. This allows you to continue the fight without having to give up defense or offense. A bow can now have different arrows equipped to quickly change your attack patterns.

Mining and farming is quicker
Of course, this patch focuses heavily on combat, but that does not mean it is the only way you can use dual hands. Farming becomes easier now, as you can hoe and then plant the selected seed. Mining goes quicker as you can carry your torch and pickax. It is unclear at this moment if the torches will cast light if held. Building becomes easier as you can maneuver through different materials faster.

All of this creates a more versatile gameplay experience. The true limit is your own creativity, just like Minecraft has always been. Currently, the only limitation Mojang has set is the ability to attack with the dominant hand only. The new dual wield mechanic will add a lot of value, not only to single player but to multiplayer as well. PVP will take on new aspects, Faction games will have new tactics. As always with the world of Minecraft, the possibilities are endless.

New Combat in 1.9 
combatMinecraft is due for a massive overhaul to the system. One of the biggest changes expected is the combat system. You have spent years hopping around and stabbing with a sword. More advanced users probably spam left and right clicks to simultaneously block and attack. Those days are numbered with the advent of 1.9. Here is a quick look at what combat is going to look at with the next iteration.

The first thing to know is that Minecraft 1.9 is going to be fundamentally changing the gameplay. The way this is done is by creating a dual handed system. This means you will have a dominant and off hand slot, assumed to default to left and right mouse clicks. One implication of this new system means you will no longer be able to block with a sword. However, this minor loss opens up a world of possibilities as far as combat systems go.

Axes as viable weapons
Axes are going to be viable weapons, with increased damage but slower swing rates. You can also dual wield now or have the option of a sword and shield. New arrow types will make ranged weapon fighting a better option in some instances. These additions create new, versatile fighting styles. There will also be new techniques that add in combat. For instance, an axe has a chance to disable a shield or a sweeping attack can knockback several enemies.

The last major change is the attack strength bar. Every attack depletes the bar. The less strength you have, the less damage you will do based on the weapon damage. The bar will slowly fill as you rest. These are all some very exciting changes coming to the world of Minecraft. Not only will this effect single player, but multiplayer will become more challenging and versatile. Watch out for this exciting change and more.